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Basic Pass (2 days)

$25.00 each

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The Basic pass is our ‘No-Brainer’ value king.
Basic Passholders enjoy access to core features of our platform for 2 days and an automatic 5% discount on products from the BAKERWORKS Australia store
This Pass provides our cheapest non-subscription access to our platform. We are confident that you can get yourself access to value above and beyond the low-cost pass fee.
We are constantly working towards new deals and partnerships with our vendors so check back often to get the most out of your Pass.
As part of our ongoing Giving Back program, part of your purchase will go towards supporting a charity or cause nominated by our community.

What’s included with your Pass:

  • 2 days of limited access to our platform.
  • Access to an automatic 5% discount on products from the BAKERWORKS Australia store.

You can have your say on which cause receives our support by joining our BOOSTER subscribers.

All subscribers have the opportunity to cast their nomination for the cause/charity they want to see the entire BAKERWORKS Australia community rally behind. A summary of all donations made to the worthy causes our community has supported can be found here.

  • What’s included:
    • Cheapest access to our full platform. (Less than 66 cents a day!)
    • Plenty of opportunities to get your money back in discounts with us and our partners!
    • Fulltime access to our entire platform and instant access to new benefits as they become available.
    • Exclusive membership milestone rewards for maintaining your membership.
    • Access to an automatic 20% discount on products from the BAKERWORKS Australia store.
    • An invitation to nominate the next cause or charity we support in our Giving Back program
    • Get a headstart on future giveaways by accumulating entries into our draws (including this one) equal to the number of months you have remained a subscriber
    • 120% boost on entries received with all Pass purchases
      • e.g. multiply all of your entries received with Access Passes by 120% and round up!
    • No Obligations
    • No Setup Fees
    • Cancel Anytime
    • Billed monthly

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