Giving Back Donation Recipients and Past Giveaway Winners

Get a little feel-good in knowing that every time you purchase with us, we pay it forward.

We call it our Giving Back program and it’s driven entirely by our customers.

At the end of each round, contributions from every sale will be split up and sent out to the recipients you vote for!

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Thank you for your support!

BAKERWORKS Australia is proud to have committed to regularly donating a portion of proceeds from all sales (including Passes, membership renewals and merch & apparel sales) to causes and charities nominated by our community subscribers. None of which would be possible without your help! We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of both our donation recipients and our giveaway winners!

Don’t miss your opportunity to leverage the support of the whole community in favour of your preferred cause.
We are here to make a real difference to the causes that matter most to you so nominees can include anything from well-established Aussie or international charity organisations to individual families or communities affected by natural disasters etc.

If you are already a BOOSTER subscriber, head over to My Account > My membership > Giving Back and make your nomination for the cause or charity we vote for in the next round.

If we have made a mistake or you have a suggestion to improve the way we handle our Giving Back program, please contact us as we are always looking for ways to improve our service.