Partner and Sponsor Enquiries

Join our catalogue of vendors who have found new customers, brand awareness and profitable marketing with no upfront cost.

What is in it for you and how we can work for your business:

-Opportunity to connect with our members and followers (your potential customers) via incentives promoted by us
-Networking opportunities with other BAKERWORKS Australia business partners, supporters or ambassadors
-Piggyback off of our ad-spend, promotions and the branding credibility of our other partners
-Exposure to our digital audiences including a feature on our website and social media pages
-Increased brand exposure to our loyal customers as a source of pre-motivated leads
-Opportunity to work with us on our promotions and future giveaways etc.
-A full feature write up inside our Partner Perks program
-A vote and nomination to cast for the next charity we support through our Giving Back program
-Other opportunities by negotiation
-Free listing for vendors approved during our platform launch promotion (now)

An introduction to BAKERWORKS Australia for business:

Our simple and effective service consists of two main parts, a membership rewards platform for our customers and a marketplace service for our vendors. We pool together deals and offerings made available to us from partnering businesses and then market these offerings on your behalf, along with other benefits, to our customers. Our goal is to provide value to our customers above and beyond their access fee. We are currently accepting applications from businesses that want to bring real value to our platform.

Tell us about your business and proposal: